Hello, this is Billie Chavez. I’m running Art Point France, which is your guide to start your new business. It contains guides on strategic management, marketing advice, and even success stories on small time business that got it to the top to get you going.

If you are looking for tips and practical guides to embark on a new business, then this site contains the right stuff to answer your queries. It also gives you a glimpse of the new trend in a business like what products are making money; which market is best to target; which country is ideal for exportation and or importation; accounting and banking advisors; investment for the future; and human resource ideas.

Art Point France gives you useful information that could help you figure out the whole picture of our present economy in an easy and understandable way. For people doing a business start-up, the site would provide initial advice you to do the following:

  • Destroy your ideas. Yes, you have a very noble idea, and this could make you rich, as rich as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Art Point France would help you rip your idea to pieces – well not to discourage you – but to see every nook and cranny that needs fixing and troubleshooting before the problem ever arises.
  • Imagine yourself as the customer of your product and you are so pissed off and dissatisfied. What caused your dissatisfaction? Art Point France would get you into this mood.
  • Facing your nemesis. Of course, you’ll have a lot of competitors in the market even if you think your product idea is unique. Art Point France will help you get creative in presenting your product to the market. It will help you package it by glamourizing what is different of your product that your competitors are missing.
  • Persistence. It is not about your persistence but the persistence of your product. Imagine your business 10 or 20 years from now when most of the present trends have waned down and some already dead. Is your business still thriving by 2030? Art Point France will give you realistic pictures about the market trend by providing easy and understandable information about the past figures of the economy.

The site will provide you with effective ways on how to survive your business or on how to change it when change is necessary. Branching out. You have grown your business and branching out geographically or even demographically is needed. Art Point France will give you a picture which are is good for business and who buys this so and so product.

Art Point France is more than a guide in the end but your partner in growing your business. So don’t be afraid to start-up a new business. A lot of people have been there, and they are more than willing to provide assistance to you.